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Our association was founded in 2000 by companies just like yours. Our members are primarily Alabama owned, small to medium sized companies. We formed TPCA for one simple reason, to speak for our industry as one voice. Many would like to see our industry regulated out of business and it is our job to be sure those who regulate us and make laws that regulate us understand our industry. We live here, vote here and serve the people of Alabama.


Over the years our industry has faced many challenges.  We have assembled a first rate team to meet those challenges and we have been successful -- so far.  Our team includes the best attorneys and lobbyists we can find for our industry.  None of this comes cheap and that is why we need your help.  In 2007 we face monumental challenges that threaten the very existence of our industry.  These threats come in the form of legislation designed to stop us from doing business.  We need your help now more than ever!

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