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About Our New Site

Welcome to our new web site.  We hope you enjoy your visit and that you find information here that will help you run your business more efficiently and with less hassles.  What you see now is just the beginning.  We plan to add many new features in the weeks and months ahead.  Some features we plan are an events calendar, member list and a frequently asked question section about issues you encounter in running your business day to day.  Drop us an email if you have suggestions about features you would like to see here.

As an association one of our primary goals is to provide timely information to our members about issues that impact their business.  The penalty for not complying with rules and regulations can be very expensive.  And, there is not a wealth of "reliable" information from other sources to help you.  So, as an association we strive to fill that gap.  This new web site will help accomplish that goal by allowing us to provide much more information to our members than we have previously.

On another note, much of the sensitive and detailed information about our business will now available to members only.  That is why we introduced a login requirement.  If you are not a member we can solve that for you very fast.  Just click here and take advantage of our new, limited time special offer to join.  There is a substantial discount from our standard fees.  As a member you get many benefits including full access to our web site, all the latest news and important up-to-the-minute information on critical matters that affect our business.

If you are a TPCA member and have access to our site we request that you do not give your login information to others.  If you have others in your company who may want access have them register here for their personal login name and password.  The system will monitor for any unusual login activity and the suspected login ID will be deactivated.  That way we can keep unauthorized access to a minimum.  We do not want unauthorized users and the new system is designed to prevent that.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.



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