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On Monday, September 12, 2011 a moratorium against the short-term lending industry was announced by the Birmingham City Council (here).  This is an assault against the industry all across the state -- nothing else. 


Here are the key points (click on each to see more).

How will this effect me?

What happens next?

Who Is Fighting This And How Can I Help?

How is Borrow Smart Leading This Effort ?


THE BATTLE FOR PUBLIC OPINION (scroll to end for all stories)

This battle is being waged on many fronts, including the press, by those who wish to eliminate our industry.  Our adversaries know very well that public opinion is easily translated into action to close our businesses.  Click on the image to the right to see how it works and where it leads.  If we do not challenge the unfounded misinformation and the many inaccuracies we stand the risk of losing our businesses to those who are fighting hard for our demise.


Scroll down for a review of articles and stories that have appeared on television and in the news along with our response since this attack began.  It is our job at Borrow Smart to challenge these inaccuracies and untruths because we know precisely where they lead if they go unchallenged.

UPDATE: Monday, November 28, 2011

As you review the stories below you should note that Borrow Smart has been fully and actively engaged with the media to be sure the reporting is accurate and that our side is fairly told.  Getting it right in the public arena is a critical part of the effort to protect our industry from this all out assault in Birmingham! 


(scroll to end for all stories)







TV reports from the hearing. (11/15/11)









"Occupy" testifies at hearing. (11/15/11)

This is Occupy!

(here & here)











Birmingham News story on the hearing. (11/15/11)








Birmingham News story ahead of Tuesday hearing. (11/13/11)



Borrow Smart sets the record straight on "predatory." (10/13/11)


    Birmingham News agrees with Borrow Smart (almost).

Editorial (10/8/11)



Borrow Smart debunks the bribery allegation in the Birmingham News (9/16/11).



Borrow Smart contacts the company about possible

 "criminal activity." They hire local attorney (9/16/11).


 Industry accused of bribery!

Unfounded and outlandish claims surround this attack.

Borrow Smart will work to correct this (9/15/11)!





A Moratorium Planned (9/13/11).




The industry is attacked with many unfounded and

inaccurate claims.  Borrow Smart spokespersons comments.


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