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Compliance 7/22/13 -- Proposed Alabama Database -- Devastating!

Compliance 10/1/12 -- Borrow Smart Launches CFPB Compliance

Compliance 6/14/12 -- Borrow Smart CFPB Compliance Conference

News Alert: CFPB -- Updated 2/6/12

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CFL was formed by concerned members of both the Title Pawn Council of Alabama (TPCA) and Modern Financial Services These two associations represent title and payday lenders in Alabama (short term lenders).  Our mission is customer focused.  Our goals are: 1) that each and every one of our customers are treated fairly in all of their dealing with us and 2) that the truth about our industry, our services and, most importantly, our customers are communicated to the public in a fair and balanced way.  We have a moral obligation to provide a forum for our customers to express their views about the use of our services.  These are the people who use and depend on our services every single day.  They typically have no voice in the shrill debate about short term lending led by our competitors and their friends who only have one mission -- our demise by any means for their own self-serving reasons.  Our focus is at the grass-roots level where issues about our customers and our industry are decided.

CFL strongly supports both industry associations and we hope to compliment and build on the efforts of both.  We aim to: 

  • Promote our "Borrow Smart" Code of Fair Lending for consumer protection which is available exclusively at Borrow Smart member stores throughout the state.

  • Serve as a public communication entity for the short term cash loan industry in Alabama -- both payday and title lending.

  • To communicate, advertise and promote the Borrow Smart concept through an aggressive media and public relations effort.

 TPCA and Modern Financial members are eligible to join CFL.

Since our public launch in the fall of 2007, the response from the media and from others who watch our industry has been incredible and has far exceeded our expectations.  We are finally getting the truth about our industry and about our customers out to the general public.  And, they hear us.  We have seen dramatic results from this effort in a short period of time.  This is, however, a long term and continuing effort and we fully expect to be engaged in this program for the foreseeable future.

Be sure you visit our Borrow Smart Alabama web site (www.borrowsmartalabama.com) to learn about the messages we are sending the public about our industry.



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