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Frazer System Customers

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Updated: 6/1/11

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It goes without saying that Frazer systems is the premier provider of title pledge software in Mississippi.  Frazer has been fully vetted by the State Banking department and that makes life much easier for the store operator.  It turns out that Frazer has decided not to upgrade their program to Windows which is pretty much required with today's Vista and Windows 7 computers.  So, Frazer users do not have much choice but to make a change sooner or later (most likely sooner).  Users must make a change and we hope they choose the "Frazer Friendly" Assistant.  We will work hard to earn their business. 

Our company has worked closely with Frazer Software to be sure the Assistant includes the features you know and appreciate in the Frazer title loan software.  While some companies may claim they have "purchased the Frazer system," nothing could be further from the truth.  Frazer will not sell their software (or the rights to their software), but they will work with companies like ours to be sure we can recreate the Frazer features and that is exactly what we have done.

Here are just a few of the important Frazer features we have included in the Assistant to make it more "Frazer Friendly" for our customers:

  • Optional Frazer contract agreement

  • Optional contract printing to form fed printer using pre-printed agreement

  • Simple and easy to use payment schedule with payments posted to the schedule and printed with each customer payment.  Click here.

  • Ability to manually pre-load loans and payments into the Assistant from Frazer.

  • Easy to read and understand onscreen payment schedule for store personnel.  Click on this image to see the customer payment screen.

  • Clear and easy to read payment receipt with next due date, payoff balance and amount due at next due date

  • Printed customer payment history on payoff.

  • Vehicle sale report disclosing profits from sale of vehicle.

  • A true Microsoft Windows based system fully compatible with Microsoft Vista

  • Special attention to correct payment posting and "interest credits" for early pay customers (click here to see).

  • Improved payment posting (click here to read more)

We have met with Mississippi Department of Banking & Consumer Finance to be sure the system meets the needs of the state.  As a result our meeting, we are adding several new features and reports that will make they system more friendly for the state auditors.  We will continue to work with the state to be sure The Assistant is in full compliance with state regulations.

Our developers have worked hard (and long) to be sure the Assistant includes all of the important features that Frazer users are accustomed to.  We have consulted directly with Frazer Systems and they have been very helpful in providing information to help in our design and in the conversion.  We may not have just the Frazer feature you want or like at the moment, but if at all feasible, we will add it at no cost in future releases.  Our goal is that the Assistant in Mississippi will be an easy and simple replacement for current Frazer customers and we will work hard to be sure that happens.