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About Us

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Updated: 4/1/08

The Genesis Group is a privately held company located in Birmingham, Alabama with many years of experience in the payday advance and title loan business.  The company has owned stores in central Alabama for over fourteen years and has provided software to the payday advance and title loan industry since 2004.  In addition to industry experience, the principals of the company have years of experience in telecommunications and in computer systems development.  What started originally as a plan to provide software just to customers located in Alabama has since expanded to many southeastern states.  The growth has far exceeded our expectations.

The company is also quite active in industry associations (co-founders of Title Pawn Council of Alabama  and Borrow Smart Alabama) and has worked hard to support the interest of the industry and its customers.

With years of proven experience in the industry the company is not a newcomer that is here today and likely gone tomorrow.  And, as an operator and software company, we fully understand the special needs of our customers.  Our goal is to serve our customer's needs based on the old fashion notion of "first-class" service and attractive pricing.  We are not trying to be the biggest software company around -- just the best!

When it comes to the systems that run your business, you want a partner with the expertise, experience and stability that can support you and can grow as you grow.  That is us.