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Assistant Features

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The Assistant Is A Fully Featured Desktop Based Windows System That Operates On The Computers In Your Office -- Not Across The Internet.

  • Fully Integrated With MS Windows and MS Office.  The program is fully integrated with Microsoft's Windows (Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and VISTA).  It is based on MS Access which is one of Microsoft Office's core component programs.  This assures full compatibility with most all PC computers and lets you use tools you may already be familiar with (Word, Excel, etc.).  Also of note, the system is fully compatible with the new Windows Vista operating system.

  • No Extra Fees For Additional Workstations.  Since it is linked so tightly with MS Office and MS Windows, networking in a multiple workstation environment is a "piece of cake" and FREE!

  • Reports Galore. Reports were designed with the operator in mind -- from summary reports to detail transaction reports.  There are even reports that regulators like (can you believe it?). You select from an extensive menu of reports and then pre-designate only the reports you want to print at the end of each day.  And, the reports can automatically be e-mailed to you.  So, you get your information even if when you are not in the office.  Forget the faxing.  And, if you want to use our store network option, the information can show up on your remote computer automatically.

  • Contracts & Forms You Can Customize and Change.  Special printed customer messages and contract language changes can be made by you.  There is no special programming required and you don't need to call us.  If you can use MS Word, you can customize your receipts and contracts.

  • Designed With Speed In Mind.  Do you really need to hire that extra person?  Maybe not.  We have designed the system to minimize the time required for each transaction.  As an example, if you write checks  to your title loan customers (instead of cash), we even print the checks.  For payday advance, some states require your customer to pay off the previous payday loan before a new one is established.  We've got that down to about two mouse clicks.  Fast!

  • Supercharged Onscreen Collection System.  A powerful onscreen collection system that allows you to prioritize and track your bad loans.  

  • System Support With Understanding.  We fully understand what it's like to depend on your computers.  As payday advance and title loan operators, we do too.  We have many back up and diagnostic features built in to accomplish this.  And on the few occasions when you do have to call, we know you want answers NOW -- not in two or three days.  We've designed features that allow us to access your computer from our offices immediately to fix problems and train your users right when you call!  After all, you've got a business to run.  We understand. 

  • Ever Changing With New Features.  Nothing stays the same!  Especially in this business.  Over the last 18 months we have added almost 100 improvements to the system.  This includes new features and minor issue fixes our customers have experienced.  We are totally committed to enhancements in the system to make sure our customers are up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.

  • Custom Options.  Did we mention we will customize the system for you in case you need a feature or report that is not in the system (a small fee may apply)?

If you are looking for a low cost - high performance system alternative from a company who understands payday advance and title loans, understands computers and knows you by name when you call, this could be just the system for you.