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Are We Making Headway With The Press??  We Think So!


News Story -- January 2008 Decatur Daily Article (see the story behind the story below)

TV Report -- December 2007 Local TV News Report

January 15, 2008

Some of you may have seen this article* in Sunday's edition of the Decatur Daily.  The first paragraph begins like so many of the media stories about the industry that we have seen in the past.  But then, the reporter takes a turn and makes the argument that the industry is not the culprit for causing poverty and makes many of the same arguments we make in our Borrow Smart Alabama information releases and advertising.  That is, people who use our services usually make wise choices given the alternatives.  And, he does some very interesting calculations to draw parallels with our service.  Guess what?  These are all points we and our customers have made for years.  Listen to what our customers have told us in their own words!  It is the same exact message.

Now, this is not a puff piece about the industry, but it is quite a bit of fresh air to see the truth about our industry and our customers coming from the press -- at last.  Especially since this is the very exact message we've been trying to communicate for years.  We say this because it is what we hear from our customers every single day.  The bottom line is that a snippet of our message that we and our customers have been screaming for years is finally starting to squeak through.  We don't believe it is an accident.

Now, just how did this story happen?  A month or two ago this same paper wrote a couple of articles on the industry in Decatur.  This occurred about the time we were launching Borrow Smart.  We were not pleased with the stories and contacted the reporter.  He referred us to another reporter who was interested in what we were doing, but was not interested in sitting down to talk at the time.  Since the first story he has seen other stories in the press about Borrow Smart, has had more communication with Robin at Big Communications and apparently done his own research because the next thing we know, we get this story.  And, he emails Robin to let her know he ran the story and credited her with planting the seed about these issues.

So, this is yet another story (the second in as many weeks) where the truth comes out about our industry and our services.  We are making progress at Borrow Smart one story at a time!  With the distinct possibility of this being an active legislative year for our industry, heaven knows we may clearly need all the help we can get.

* Click here for a direct link to the story if you are unable to view the version above.